Monday, 17 May 2010

A Vending Machine Which Dispenses Gold!?!?!???

Everyone loves a trusty vending machine - they might not be filled with the gourmet delights you'd choose to treat yourself to when given the option but in times of desperate need, when all other food outlets are closed or far off in the distance you can always rely on there being a vending machine just around the corner - ready and willing to provide you with a good old bar of chocolate, bag of crisps or can of fizzy drink at double the price of what you would normally pay!

In the same way, everybody loves those little chocolate gold coins we used to get as children. Fabulous stocking fillers no Christmas went by without one or two of those being tossed our way in the Devnaa family home and we used to get such pleasure out of the thought that we were holding real gold coins and even more from the fact that we could unwrap them and eat them!!

The latest in vending machine technology takes both of these things and puts them together to create what is possibly one of the most unnecessary inventions I have ever come across!!! A vending machine which dispenses gold bars and coins as opposed to chocolate ones!!! Recently installed in the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi this machine allows people to walk in and purchase bars and coins of gold which weigh up to 10g each! A high tech computer system provides real time updates on the price of gold so that it matches that of the international markets and soon enough if you happen to be staying at the Emirates Palace you will be able to purchase a personalised coin as a souvenir of your visit! Random, yet strangely fantastic and an insane way of bringing the good old chocolate vending machine into the future!!!

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