Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Devnaa's Guest Blog!

With Diwali fast approaching Devnaa have been invited to guest blog on website www.gnaana.com. Founded by Aruna K Hathi, Gnaana is a fantastic website inspired by the idea of teaching young children about their culture. Being Indian and having grown up in London I can personally vouch for how hard it was for me to stay informed about my culture and roots, to this day I wish I had taken more time to learn how to read, write and even fluently speak more South Asian languages other than the limited bits of Gujrati I know!

Luckily I grew up amongst a largely extended family and was therefore surrounded by lots of heritage and culture enabling me to stay reasonably well educated about my roots and giving me the inspiration to always want to learn and experience more.

Today it is not as easy for children to stay in tune with their backgrounds and harder for parents to spark the interest. With families scattered across the globe and parents working harder than ever how can children easily be taught about South Asian traditions, culture and spirituality?

Gnaana.com has come up with amazing solutions to incorporate parts of South Asian culture into everyday life for children. From building blocks and puzzles to beautiful keepsake story books and recipe cards there are lots of fantastic educational tools which can easily be incorporated into a busy lifestyle to help your children learn about their roots. What's best is that they provide an experience which adults can enjoy together with their children enabling the likes of me to learn lots more too! Even though I'm not a parent yet I'm thinking of getting a few bits and pieces for my own benefit!!!!

The Gnaana blog is fantastic too in that it provides great support material for their products. Updated at least a few times a week there is always something new to see and learn - this month alone subjects have already ranged from Gandhi Jayanti to the how to do Garba providing not only ideas on things to teach your children but also a few reminders and some knowledge for you!

To check out our first entry (of three) go to http://www.gnaana.com/blog/ and whilst you're there be sure to check out the rest of this amazing website!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Happy Chocolate Week!!!!!

Yep, its our favourite week of the year and to celebrate the Devnaa team are in a giving mood! Not only will Devnaa Dailies be continuing on Twitter (where every day a lucky follower will win one of our chocolate bars!) but we'll also be gifting a chocolate bar and a sample of our delicious new drinking chocolate with every order placed this week! Hooray for chocolate!!!!!!!! =D

Friday, 1 October 2010

Devnaa Dailies - Win Free Chocolate!!! :)

What with the festive season coming up fast and our (very exciting!) best packaging award nomination, all of us here at Devnaa are beginning to feel a little bit jovial.... And to celebrate our good mood we're running a daily competition via our Twitter page on www.twitter.com/devnaa

Every day from today (October 1st 2010) up until the end of the year we will be selecting a lucky Twitter follower to win one of our delicious chocolate bars. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is follow us on Twitter - So get following!!!! Wishing you all the best of luck, sincerely, the Devnaa Team!!!! :)

Our selection of chocolate bars - one up for grabs every day with Devnaa Dailies!!! :)