Thursday, 14 January 2010

Why is a Chocolate Truffle called a Chocolate Truffle?

Mmmm... If only I got to eat a chocolate truffle for every time somebody asked me that question! Chocolate Truffles were named so because in their original form they very closely resemble the woodland fungi that are a culinary delicacy.

Now, truffles are available in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Traditionally, Swiss truffles are a semi firm ganache that has been rolled into a ball and then coated in cocoa or icing sugar. These days truffle ganaches can be found in a slightly more liquid form as a filling in moulded chocolate shells and in a much firmer form, set like fudge and then cut and dipped in chocolate before being decorated.

The best truffles in my opinion are the dense, creamy, smooth, hand rolled Swiss truffles, dipped in chocolate and covered in wispy chocolate flakes that just melt away the instant they touch your tongue - heaven!!

European truffles have become an indulgent luxury, often flavoured with Champagne and associated with grandeur and romance - the perfect gift for anybody (especially me!) on special occasions or even better, just because!

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