Monday, 11 January 2010

Eastern Desserts Meet Western Desserts

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name's Roopa and three years ago my brother Jay and I started a business that we hoped would help redefine Indian sweets and raise them to a whole new plateau in world cuisine. It was our impression that whilst Indian food is well known and loved across the globe, the desserts in Indian restaurants can often be a bit of a let down after a delicious meal and this was something that we wanted to change.

Having been born and raised in London, England we were brought up on a "healthy" mix of both Eastern and Western desserts, and of course - chocolate! With a love for all of these flavours we set about trying to bridge the gap between the two cultures by creating high quality, lighter, fresher and more fragrant Indian desserts whilst respecting the time honoured traditions passed down by generations of sweet makers from India.

Inspired by the flavours of India, intrigued by desserts from all over the world and enraptured by chocolate we created Barfibox, a brand of bite sized Indian sweets made with fresh English double cream, French milk powder and topped with a layer of luxurious milk chocolate. We went on to produce a range of Indian inspired desserts (such as Vanilla Chai Ice Cream and Coconut and Cardamom Truffles) and now as we continue to develop our product range we are about to re brand the company in an attempt to project our ethos (high quality, luxurious, Indian inspired sweets, desserts and chocolates!) more clearly.

My passion for creating desserts that fuse both my British and Indian backgrounds together has started me on a journey accross the realms to learn about all things sweet and delicious and I hope to take you all with me on this tantalising voyage. I shall be blogging about recipes, ingredients, new products and desserts from around the world in my attempt to find out all I can in order to help me continue to create sweet ideas for everybody to enjoy. Happy reading :)

Me and my big bro Jay :)

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