Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Valentine's Truffles

This year for Valentine's day I challenged myself to come up with a recipe that was romantic, different, luxurious and Indian inspired - quite a tall order! My starting point was deciding that it had to be truffles - nothing says Valentine's romance like a box of hand rolled, melt in the mouth morsels of delicious chocolate... Then came the difficult part - flavour! The likes of cinnamon and strawberry were the obvious ones that sprang straight to mind but I wanted to create something more unique and Indiany so looked towards the spices more commonly used in Indian desserts. Having recently blogged about cardamom being the 'queen of spices' and its aphrodisiac qualities I knew I had to try it! Paired with saffron and infused into white chocolate, I made the ganache, rolled it, dipped it into more white chocolate and sprinkled with a touch of edible sparkle - the recipe didn't even need to be tweaked, it was an instant success!! If only I'd had as much luck with the milk chocolate truffle! Deciding that I didn't want to over shadow the cardamom truffle I tried the cinnamon and strawberry combination in milk chocolate - disaster!! Probably would have been better in dark chocolate but I wanted to stick to mellow, caramelly milk chocolate so instead a simple, sexy, sophisticated classic replaced the more rebellious cinnamon and strawberry - milk chocolate orange truffles! Smooth and with just that little kick of tang they balanced the white chocolate cardamom & saffron perfectly :)


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