Monday, 18 January 2010

Popping Fantastic!!!

I'm a little late with blogging about this one but nevertheless, it had to be done!!! Christmas 2009 saw the introduction of the limited edition Terry's Chocolate Orange with Volcanic Popping Candy. Of all the amazing and wonderful chocolaty treats Christmas inevitably brings, this one has to be my favourite so far.

Sweet and simple, it tastes the same as the regular, divine Terry's Chocolate Orange but it has the extraordinary addition of crispy little chunks of popping candy! Absolute. Fabulous. Genius!!!! As the creamy milk chocolate melts on your tongue the subtle orange flavour gives way to little bursts of popping and crackling which last for a good minute or 2 after eating each piece - so much fun!

Gimmicky? Indeed yes! But just that little x factor that undeniably shouts 'Christmas spirit!' this volcanic new addition to the Terry's family was more than welcome. I for one will be keeping my eyes 'peeled' for the delightful little fuchsia boxes to hit the shelves next Christmas season and this time, I'll be stocking up enough Christmas cheer to last me through the year! Love it!

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