Friday, 4 June 2010

Recipe of the Week - Coconut Limeade

Here's a twist on a classic! Deliciously refreshing and a great alternative to lemonade on hot, hazy, barbecuing weekends like these! The Devnaa family are going to love this!

2 Limes, chopped into eighths
4 tblsp Caster Sugar
500 ml Sparkling Water, chilled
250 ml Coconut Water, chilled
Lots of Ice

  • Place the chopped limes and sugar in a blender and blitz until pureed
  • Pour in half of the sparkling water to loosen the lime mixture and blitz for a few more seconds
  • Sieve the lime mixture into a large mixing bowl and pour in the rest of the sparkling water and the coconut water
  • Whisk together, add a little more sugar if required and pour into glasses filled with ice
  • Enjoy!!! :)

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