Monday, 14 June 2010

And they're off!

The Devnaa Team got so caught up in World Cup Fever last week that we didn't get time to post a blog on Friday!!! Not to worry though - we've got pictures and recipes to share from the world cup kick off, Devnaa style!

The first official match was host country South Africa vs Mexico and in tribute we made Malva pudding inspired cupcakes alongside spiced chocolate. Malva Pudding is a common South African dessert - a moist sponge pudding flavoured with apricot jam and traditionally soaked with a hot cream and sugar syrup and served with whipped cream, we made miniature versions of the sponge pudding and topped them with a little more apricot jam and a whirl of vanilla whipped cream. The spiced chocolate cupcakes payed homage to the motherland of chocolate itself - Mexico! Intensely chocolatey cupcakes with a hint of orange and chilli and a kick of cinnamon.... Mmmmm...!!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our Malva Pudding Cupcake recipe and later in the week find out what we made for England's first match which was against the USA! :)

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