Friday, 26 March 2010

Cross Cultural Community!!!

It makes me really proud to say that earlier this week Devnaa was featured by BollyInStyle ( A lifestyle blog committed to Asian inspired arts, fashion, style and of course - food!

It's amazing to see how other people with a combined Eastern and Western influence in their lives have embraced that and used it to create such different and wonderful products with truly unique and revolutionary style. From jewellery and fashion to children's toys and homeware BollyInStyle features the cream of cross cultural Asian influenced art and provides a treasure trove of inspiration and information to all of us.

Thank you BollyInStyle for bringing to our attention not only all of these fantastic cross cultural products but also the fact that we're part of a growing community of people trying to incorporate old traditions and culture with our modern day western lifestyles and it's all coming together with fabulous results! I for one am hooked and will definitely be checking back often to see whats new in the world of BollyInStyle!

1 comment:

  1. I loved the Crispy Rice, Orange chocolate bar! Very unique flavor. Never had anything like it.

    I need to get info for a friend's upcoming wedding. Will contact you soon. Thanks, Devnaa!