Monday, 18 June 2012

Devnaa: Indian Inspired Desserts

Today I take a pause from recipe posting to announce the very exciting arrival of our first ever published recipe book!

indian dessert recipes

Devnaa: Indian Inspired Desserts presents our portfolio of original, egg-free recipes that combine both eastern and western flavours. The Cake and Biscuits section includes some of our favourite recipes, such as Apricot and Saffron Scones, Indian Inspired Carrot Cake, and Raspberry Nankhatai. These are great to enjoy with family or friends over a lovingly-brewed cup of chai and they are also a brilliant way to start experimenting with Indian spices. The Sweet Treats section is dedicated to the rich, intense, bite-sized delicacies found in Indian sweet shops. Chikki and Shahi Barfi are traditionally Indian, while others, like Dried Fruit Ghoogra or Chocolate Khaja have an updated fusion twist. The After Dinner Desserts section presents sweet, fragrant Indian puddings that that can be served chilled or piping hot. Following recipes like Seera and Shrikand, fusion desserts include Coconut and Ginger Cheesecake and Exotic Fruit Trifle. Cool, refreshing recipes in Drinks and Frozen Desserts include Mango and Cardamom Lassi, Rose and Vanilla Kulfi, and Watermelon and Strawberry Spiced Sorbet.
Devnaa: Indian Inspired Desserts is available via the Devnaa website, signed and with free delivery. It is also available in Kindle and paperback format from Amazon.

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