Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas 2011 - Limited Edition Honey Cardamom Fudge

Hello Everyone - we've been a bit quiet on the blog the last few weeks as we've been busy carefully creating a brand new product especially for Christmas - presenting Devnaa's Honey & Cardamom Fudge!

A beautifully creamy white chocolate fudge enriched with distinct notes of honey and the heady aroma of freshly ground cardamom, enrobed in silky smooth dark chocolate.

Cardamom, sometimes referred to as the Queen of Spices, is one of the most favoured spices used throughout Indian cuisine - in savoury dishes as well as sweet ones. Honey is also considered to be a luxury ingredient and in Hindu culture is said to be one of the five 'elixirs of immortality' (panchamrita') alongside ghee, milk, sugar and yoghurt.

This year we have exclusively produced 100 boxes of this regal fudge especially for the Christmas season. Each 16 piece box comes with a unique tag stating it's ID number so you know just how authentic it really is! Presented in a special purple edition of our award nominated 'tiffin' style packaging this fudge makes a unique Christmas gift that has it all.

We hope those of you that get a chance to taste our honey and cardamom fudge enjoy it as much as we have loved every second of creating it - from carefully developing the exciting flavour to lovingly wrapping it up in our tiffin boxes to present to you! :) xx

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